Due to the nature of our products and all federal health regulations, all of hair and wig units are FINAL SALE. We do not offer refunds on any hair purchases. If you believe that you have received a defective order, please reach out to us immediately.
After you have placed your order, processing can take up to 7-10 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding all major holidays). Once your order is processed, shipping will take 3-5 business days. Longer timeframes may apply depending on volume and time of year.
Once your order is sent out for shipment, you will receive a shipment confirmation email, which will contain your tracking number. To track the order, use the tracking number provided in the email, and allow 24-48 hours for it to update. If the tracking has not updated after 48 hours, please email info@alteregohairhtx.com.
With the proper care, your new wig unit can last up to a year or more! Practicing good maintenance on a daily basis will assure to a long-lasting unit!
All wigs can be worn glue-less, however when wearing frontal wigs glue-less you may have less versatility, but they still offer a very natural look.
Closure units are perfect for glue-less wear
Closure Wigs: Perfect for everyday wear
Can be worn glued or glue-less
Can be parted on the left right or center *depending on the size of the closure.
Good for those who sweat and or workout a lot.
Lowest maintenance and least expensive and better investment.
Can be sewn down or removed daily (allowing access to the scalp underneath).

Frontal Wigs: Give the most natural look.
Offers versatility, wear in a high bun or half up half-down.
Not recommended for everyday wear.
Very delicate, depending on the type of lace, typically needs to be replaced and or repaired more frequently than closures.
Best used for special occasions due to high price point. More expensive than other wig types.
Not recommend for those who work-out or sweat often.
Pre-made Units: Great for first time wig wearers. Most cost effective
Multiple styles and textures available.
Fits multiple head sizes.
Good for quick, last minute styles.

Custom Made Units: Custom made to fit your head measurements.
The ability to provide you own wefted hair.
Perfect for very small heads or larger heads.
Last 2 years or more.
2-3 Business days required to construct.
As a personal preference, I only recommend HD Lace Frontal wigs for special occasions. They tend to be very expensive and very delicate, allowing for only 2-3 installs before balding out and needing to be replaced. They offer the most realistic growing from the scalp look of all lace pieces however the lace is extremely thin and delicate.
We offer 3 different types of Closure Wigs:
2” Closure
4x4” Closure
5x5” Closure

We offer two types of Frontal Wigs:
13X4” Frontal Wigs
13X6” Frontal Wigs
I highly recommend wigs over sew-ins.
Wigs provide: Less tension on the hair and scalp.
More versatility in styling.
Promotes a healthier scalp by being able to cleanse more frequently.
Better investment.
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