Jamie 5x5 HD Closure Unit
Meet Jamie- 5X5 HD closure unit this unit is like a little black dress! Everyone should have at least one in their closet. You can wear this unit sewn down, glueless take off or glued.  This unit can be custom colored! ...
from $400.00
Raw Indian Bundle Hair
We have 100% raw, unprocessed, single donor, Indian temple bundle hair, closures and frontals. available in 14-26” in store for pick up or install and ready to ship call or text 832-449-1903 to check stock!  
from $80.00
10” Alice 5x5HD closure
Meet Alice- Deep curly 5x5 HD Closure. This unit can be worn glued, glueless or sewn down! Easy low maintenance unit! 
Sold Out
16” Shanice 5X5HD Closure
Meet Shaunice- 16” raw body wavy unit with a 5x5 hd closure. Custom colored with chocolate highlights. Wear this unit with completely glueless or it can be sewn down
14” Aria 5X5HD Closure unit
Meet Aria- -Our most popular low maintenance 14” loose wavy unit. Can be worn straight, curled or in its natural wavy state. Can also be sewn down, glued down or take on and off. 
Carmen 24” 5x5HD closure unit
Meet Carmen- 24” body wavy 5x5HD Closure unit, custom colored. Can be sewn down or worn glueless. 
20” Dani 13x4 HD frontal unit
Meet Dani- 20” water wavy lace frontal unit! This unit worn best glued down but can be worn glueless. 
18” Iesha 5x5HD Closure unit
Meet Iesha- 18” Yaki straight, this unit was wand curled to achieve this look. Can be curled, straightened and custom colored. Wear glued, glueless or sewn down
16” Julia 13x4HD frontal unit
Meet Julia- 16” pre-plucked hd frontal Water wavy. This beauty is best worn glued down with adhesive or glue. However it can be worn glueless. 
14” Kandy 5x5HD Closure
Meet Kandy- 14” Deep curly custom curled unit can be worn glueless, sewn down or glued. 
16” Shelly 5x5HD Closure
Meet Shelly- This cool tone kinky curly custom colored unit is low maintenance and can be worn glued or glueless
18” Barbara 5X5 Closure unit
Meet Barbara- 18” 5x5HD Closure unit with bangs! Can be worn straight or curled. Can be sewn down or worn glueless. 
20” Crystal 5x5 HD closure unit
Meet Crystal-  20” Kinky Straight 5x5HD closure Unit. Wear this beauty sewn down or glueless. Can be straightened and wand curled as shown in the picture. 
14” Tasha 13x4 HD Frontal Unit
Meet Tasha-14” hd frontal unit, can be worn glued down or take on and off. 
Yaki straight tape in extensions
Yaki straight tape in extensions blends well with relaxed or straightened natural hair. 100g per pack or 40pcs
Kinky Straight Tape in extensions
Kinky Straight Tape in extensions, blends well with natural hair! 100g per pack /40pcs.
Kinky Curly Tape-in Extensions
Kinky Curly tape in extensions 100grams per pack 40pcs. Can be reused multiple times. 
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